More Canning in the Oven

canning-in-ovenTried canning dried goods in the oven. Love it! Went a little crazy canning everything from tea, baking soda, spices, rice and more. đŸ™‚


Freezing Herbs

Freeze your herbs in ice cube trays.

Chopped up some Basil & Wheat Grass, then packed them into the trays & poured water over them.  After they froze, I popped them out of the trays & put them in a ziplock bag.

Canning in the oven

Canned banana cake in the oven.  Getting it out of the jar was a challenge, but it tasted awesome and should last for years if you keep it in a cool dry place.

Banana Cake canned in the oven. Yummy!

Vermiculture Farming

For an excellent guide on vermiculture, click on this PDF file that was a free download from the web site.


What is Back to Nature Living?

It’s about getting healthier by eating organic foods, being more self-sufficient by growing your own non-genetically modified produce & herbs, using solar or wind for power, heating with wood or water, living cleaner by using biodegradeable earth friendly products and living a more holistic and peaceful life.

Welcome to Back to Nature Living

The world around us has evolved and advanced in many ways.  Some good and some bad.  Getting back to nature for me means living in harmony with the earth’s abundant natural resources and living beings.  It means avoiding as much chemicals, pollutants and harmful things as possible.  As well as living a longer, healthier, happier and more peaceful life.